US Ecology is expanding their Hazardous Waste facilities on Detroit’s Eastside

How much Hazardous waste from across Michigan and other states will be being dumped in Detroit?  What volume of hazardous waste will be brought to Detroit?   Was a health impact study done?  What will the impact be on Detroit’s water system?    Have prior violations by US Ecology been addressed?

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has extended the public comment period from August 28, 2015, to September 12, 2015. Make sure to send your public comments directly to MDEQ.

It is important that we weigh in on US Ecology’s Hazardous Waste Management Facility’s license renewal and expansion.


Michigan Department of Environmental Quality lists Richard A. Conforti as the contact person  ( 517-284-6558,4561,7-135-3312_4118_4240-359331–,00.html

For more information, contact Rose Mary Robinson’s office at 517-373-1008 or