Safe Routes to School

SR2S kids with signsSafe Routes 2 School’s (SR2S) mission is to reduce childhood health diseases such as childhood obesity and childhood diabetes by increasing physical activity such as walking, biking, rollerblading or strolling on the route to school.

As part of the Safe Routes to School Program, students at Maybury and Bennett Elementary have the opportunity to get to school on the “Walking School Bus.”  This group of dedicated parents, students and volunteers walk together in the morning and after class to motivate each other and keep young students safe during their commute.

The Walking School Bus does not run without volunteers like you.  Volunteers take on one of two roles.

Volunteer Corner Captains make sure children walking to and from either Maybury or Bennett Elementary are crossing safely at particularly high traffic intersections.. This is an opportunity to gain valuable public safety experience and for stay at home parents and grandparents with older children to make friends and be active.

Walking School Bus Leaders are responsible for getting kids to and from school safely while teaching pedestrian safety. Morning walking school bus leaders will be given a route to walk and stops to check in at that will be a mile or less walking and less than a quarter mile from the Elementary school, elementary students and their parents will join you along the route and at the “bus stops.” It’s a fun way to start the day, and it gets you out being active both physically and in the community.

In addition to all the great exercise and sunshine, volunteers with Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision can now earn hours with the Southwest Detroit TimeBank that can be traded for services from members of our community. So for you hour of walking with children you could potentially earn language lessons, yardwork, or even babysitting from other members of our community.

To learn more contact Marissa by email at or call (313)842-1961.  

Past Accomplishments:

SDEV kicked off our SR2S program at Bennett Elementary with a Walk to School Day parade in 2008 and followed that event with many other safety initiatives. With the assistance of the parents, SDEV conducted a walking audit of the infrastructure surrounding the school area. We noted cracked and unleveled sidewalks, pot-holes, lack of corner curb cut-outs (handicap ramps on the corners) and lack of traffic signage. This Summer SDEV performed a Walkability Audit with pedestrian expert Dan Burden. The principal, parents and students of the school as well as representatives from the city council president’s office, Michigan Fitness Foundation, MSHDA and local community stake holders participated. Mr. Burden assessed how pedestrian friendly our community is, and made recommendations such as extended sidewalks and/or berms to hinder inappropriate street corner parking. His suggestions will be submitted in the grant application for the school’s action plan.

At the beginning of the 2009 school year, SDEV assisted in the formation of a parent-volunteer safety crossing guard team. With support from the Detroit Police Department (DPD), parent volunteers have been crossing children from street corner to street corner every day during the drop-off and pick-up times of the students. By blocking off certain parts of the street(s) in conjunction with parent volunteers controlling and directing traffic, traffic congestion and aggressive driving has lessened around the school’s area. SR2S is all about promoting healthy physical life style changes such as walking more and driving less. Driving less contributes to better air quality in terms of having fewer vehicles emit less toxic fumes into the air. Walking more increases awareness of community safety issues which is the first step in creating a safer neighborhood. SR2S girls with sign

In 2013, SDEV secured $400,000 from MDOT through the Michigan Fitness Foundation for infrastructure improvements around Bennett Elementary, including defective sidewalk replacement, installing ADA ramps and signage for pedestrian safety.

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