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Healthy Business Program FAQs

What is the SDEV Healthy Business Program? 
Businesses located in Southwest Detroit and South Dearborn are encouraged to join the SDEV Healthy Business Program to show their commitment to the environment and to the community in which they operate. The Southwest Detroit area is a unique community because of its mixed land use; residential neighborhoods and large and small industries are located in close proximity to one another. It is possible for residents and industries to coexist if both do their part to be good neighbors.

We are looking for businesses that are willing to work with us to exemplify best practices and become leaders in the movement towards greener operations and facility management. By working with us, businesses can earn the “Healthy Business Partner” title and be acknowledged in various ways. The Healthy Business program will target businesses to make improvements that will reduce health and environmental risks. SDEV is focusing on recruiting auto body shops, scrap and container yards, and trucking industries to join the Healthy Business Coalition and implement a range of voluntary actions including fugitive dust suppression, incorporating sustainable operating practices to reduce other air emissions and addressing code violations to lessen their negative impacts on residents who live in close proximity to these operations.

What Environmental issues are addressed through the Healthy Business Program?

  • Attending trainings/workshops on new regulations and compliance issues
  • Implementing fugitive dust suppression methods
  • Reducing diesel pollution
  • Planting green buffers between businesses and residential areas
  • Securing contaminated sites
  • Fixing code violations and improving aesthetics (i.e fencing)
  • Recycling and reducing waste
  • Eliminating illegal dumping/tire dumping
  • Improving energy efficiency of operation

How Can I Become a Healthy Business Partner?

  1. Attend at least one Healthy Business workshop.
  2. Commit to being a better neighbor by making environmentally friendly business decisions.
  3. Engage in efforts to make improvements that will create measurable pollution/waste reductions and/or that will fix code violations.
  4. Commit to partnering on grant funding opportunities when applicable.
  5. Fix any environmental compliance issues identified by the DEQ and/or the U.S. EPA.
  6. Meet one-on-one with SDEV/DEQ staff to discuss opportunities for pollution reduction and mitigation measures.
  7. Work with SDEV to develop a work-plan for carrying out the activities listed above.

Why should I Join the Healthy Business Program?

  • You will be eligible to receive funding assistance for purchasing fugitive dust controls including plants/other landscaping materials
  • If needed, SDEV will develop a landscape design plan for your property (if applicable)
  • You may be eligible to receive funding to fix code violations or problematic aesthetic issues (i.e. fences)
  • You will be first to receive notices of upcoming funding/grant opportunities
  • SDEV will consider you a top priority when looking for businesses to partner with on various grant projects

How will I be recognized as a Healthy Business Partner?

  • Your business will be listed as a Healthy Business Partner in SDEV newsletters/update publications and on the SDEV website
  • You business will be mentioned in press releases for SDEV-CARE collaborative activities and events
  • You may be acknowledged at relevant activities and events

Healthy Business Partners will also receive the following:

  • Healthy Business stickers and decals for windows and vehicles
  • Information on ways to save money by engaging in more environmentally friendly business practices
  • Regular email/mail updates on new and upcoming environmentally friendly technologies and best practice methods.

I want my business to be a Healthy Business Partner. How do I get started?

Contact Sarah Lang or Sarah Clark at (313) 842 1961

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