Please read this document carefully and follow instructions so that you submit all necessary information and documentation needed to evaluate your bid(s). Request for Quotes Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision (SDEV) is requesting quotes (RFQ) for the purchase of two (2) class 8B conventional tractors with an EPA certified engine configuration that meets the current highest […]

Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision (SDEV) is looking for one to two project partners (fleets) to join in on a grant application for energy efficient/emissions reducing fleet improvements. Up to $380,000 is available for diesel fleet improvement projects that reduce emissions. The projects must begin no earlier than March 2018 and end no later than 8/30/2018. […]

The Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision Board of Directors is looking for a few volunteer board members to strengthen and help lead SDEV to fulfill our mission. You can nominate yourself or recommend a friend today. SDEV is looking for leaders like you to join our board. For 25 years, our volunteer board has been the […]

Venegas Way Orchard got spruced up on Merritt Street thanks to DTE Energy Volunteers. Stop-by and take the time to smell those Michigan wildflowers. You will have to wait for the apples!

See you at the 2018 Garden Party!

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