Bid Opportunity: Truck Procurement for Clean Diesel Program

Please read this document carefully and follow instructions so that you submit all necessary information and documentation needed to evaluate your bid(s).

Request for Quotes

Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision (SDEV) is requesting quotes (RFQ) for the purchase of two (2) class 8B conventional tractors with an EPA certified engine configuration that meets the current highest EPA emissions standards. The trucks will be purchased to replace an older trucks of similar specifications, owned and operated by SDEV’s project partner, Gemini Transport.

Bid and Selection Timeline:

  • April 11, 2018 Request for Quotes issued
  • April 18, 2018 Question/Answer Period Closes
  • April 23, 2018 Bid Submission Deadline
  • May 1, 2018 Selection Decisions Made/Notification

Additional Information About this Project

SDEV was awarded grant funding through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) Clean Diesel Funding Assistance Program to facilitate early replacement of diesel vehicles. This grant provides partial funding toward the purchase of one class 8B conventional tractors with an EPA certified engine configuration. The goal of the National Clean Diesel Funding Assistance Program is to reduce air pollution from the aging diesel fleet in the U.S. Benefits of such replacements include improved air quality and a reduction in toxins that can aggravate asthma and other health conditions.

Since 2009, SDEV has received over $5 million in clean diesel grant funding from the U.S. EPA, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), and the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). This grant funding, along with over $8 million in private company investments, has led to the reduction of 5,500 tons of diesel pollution annually. Through SDEV’s clean diesel program, we have assisted 50 private and public partners in purchasing 85 new trucks and buses, five new pieces of off-road equipment, six new marine engines, and five off-road engines. In addition, we have assisted partners in retrofitting over 150 trucks with pollution controls and over 40 trucks with idle reduction technology.


RFQ Specifications

The following specifications should be addressed in your proposal:

  1. Equipment cost: Proposal should include basic cost of truck(s), plus separate line items for any other parts needed to make the tractor operational.
  2. Additional Costs: Proposal should also include the cost of any additional equipment for the truck(s), shipping costs, taxes, etc…
  3. Warranty: Warranty information and any additional costs for warranties should be specified including terms and any items covered or not covered by the warranty.  Vendor must certify whether vehicle and engine warranties will be affected by the installation of aftermarket equipment.
  4. Location: Bidder should specify dealer location, manufacturing location, and corporate location.
  5. Payment terms: Bidder must specify payment terms and any payment or financing options for recipients considering pre-orders and or deposits.
  6. Delivery timeline: Bidder must state estimated delivery date from the time the order is placed.
  7. Additional Information: Bidder may provide additional information.
  8. Multiple Proposals: Bidder may submit multiple proposals.
  9. Jobs Effect: Bidder is invited to estimate the number of jobs and people that will be impacted by this project.
  10. Certificate of Conformity: Bidder must demonstrate to SDEV proof that the truck(s) being procured will produce cleaner burning emissions than the old truck(s) being replaced by including the S. EPA/California Air Resources Board Certificate of Conformity for the new engine with bid proposal package.
  11. Bid Format: It is preferable for bids to be submitted as one PDF document delivered by email, though other formats and delivery options are allowed.


The bidder, in its proposal, must demonstrate compliance with the below requirements of the U.S. EPA grant or will be subject to immediate disqualification.

  1. The selected manufacturer may not be on a state or Federal Suspension or Debarment list, nor be out of compliance with any federal or state environmental requirement.
  2. Per Title 40 US Code: labor performed under this contract must provide prevailing wages, and all contracted workplaces must adhere to the Drug Free Workplace rules.
  3. Manufacturers/suppliers must ensure that engine/equipment warranties remain in effect.
  4. Bidders are required to state the environmental air quality emissions benefits of the new tractor engine(s) in comparison to the existing 2002/2003 engine(s) to be replaced.

Questions (Equipment Inspection/Site Visit)

Bidders should complete all due diligence and engineering investigation prior to the closing of the solicitation period. Please see below for minimum tractor specifications. Questions from bidders to requestor(s) are due by April 18, 2018.


Bidders should contact Gemini Transport directly with any questions regarding tractor specifications

Mr. Goran Petkovich – 313-842-1980

Please direct all other questions to:

Ms. Maggie Striz Calnin, SDEV Clean Diesel Program Manager – (313) 842-1961


Grant Funding & Proposal Evaluation

The grant awarded to SDEV (described on page 2) will provide partial funds for the cost of two (2) class 8B conventional tractors with specifications as outlined in Page 5, of this RFQ.  Replacing the old trucks with new models will significantly reduce Particulate Matter, Nitrogen Oxides, Carbon Monoxide, and Hydrocarbons emitted from the older diesel engine.  The ultimate goal of this project is to voluntarily reduce emissions from mobile equipment.

The following criteria will be considered when evaluating the proposals:

  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Delivery Timeline
  • RFQ Specifications
  • Grant equirements
  • Suitability for trucking firm’s operations

Minority Business and Woman Business Enterprise Goal Program

The following compliance procedures will be followed to ensure that contracts are awarded to MBE/WBE vendors that meet the proposal criteria:

  • SDEV will take affirmative action to seek out both Minority and Women Business Enterprises to bid on the equipment specified
  • SDEV will submit names of the MBE and WBE vendors contacted, whether or not they responded with a bid, and the names, prices and description of the equipment provided by the proposed vendor
  • SDEV shall make good faith efforts to use MBE/WBE to replace another MBE/WBE unable to perform successfully


Minority Business Enterprise (MBE): A minority business enterprise is defined as a company wherein minorities constitute active participation and ownership of over 50%. Minorities are defined as United States citizens who are members of the following groups of protected classes: Black, Hispanic, Oriental, Eskimo and American Indians who are certified by the Indian Affairs Commission.  These groups will have the power to make policy decisions in a business and are involved in the day-to-day management of the business.

Women Business Enterprise (WBE): A women business enterprise is defined as a company wherein females constitute active participation in and ownership of 50%. The female owner will have the power to make policy decisions in a business and are involved in the day-to-day management of the business.



Bids are due by 5PM EST on April 23, 2018 by email or mail (email preferred)

Mail:                Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision

Attn: Ms. Maggie Striz Calnin, Clean Diesel Program

PO Box 09400, Detroit, MI  48209


Email to: 

Subject Line: RE: RFQ – Gemini Transport


Gemini Transport Minimum Tractor Specifications 

Engine must meet current highest EPA missions standards

  • Provide “Certification of Conformity” with bid package

Truck use:

  • 30 % city /  70 % freeway driving
  • Average 50,000 miles / year

Generic specifications:

  • Diesel engine horsepower: 450 – 475 HP
  • Transmission: 12 speed automatic
  • Rear axle gear ratio of 3:25 or to match selected transmission and truck use
  • Warranty: Extended
  • Front axle: Single
  • Rear axle: Tandem
  • GVWR:
    • Expected front axle load: 12,000 lbs., LB front springs
    • Expected rear axle load: 40,000 lbs., LB air suspension
    • Expected gross vehicle weight capacity: 51,000 lbs.
    • Expected gross combination weight: 80,000 lbs.
  • Cab style: Sleeper
    • Wheelbase: 180 inches +
    • Sliding fifth wheel with 24 inches of travel
    • Full aerodynamic roof and side fairing
  • Seats: Air-ride for driver only
  • Fuel system:
    • 2 tanks; 250 gallon total
    • Primary fuel filter: Aftermarket fuel/water separator
  • Must have block heater
  • Tires:
    • Front, Rear: 295/75  5
    • Rim/wheel: Steel
  • Radio: AM/FM/CD
  • Climate Control – Integral AC with heater, manual control
  • LED headlamps (if available)
  • Fog lamps – two fog lamps (white)
  • Window lift – power both sides
  • Door locks – power
  • Power mirror adjustments (both driver and passenger)
  • Safety equipment – 5 lbs. dry rechargeable fire extinguisher and triangle reflector kit
  • Cab color – Blue


Bidders should contact Gemini Transport directly with any questions regarding tractor specifications.


Gemini Transport Contact Information: Mr. Goran Petkovich: (248) 379-4333

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